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16135Re: [thewire] Re: throbbing gristle box set, C93/NWW, Detroit

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  • Jim Flannery
    Nov 1, 2002
      simonfay2001 wrote to wire:

      s> --- In thewire@y..., "gradyfinklemyer" <gradyfinklemyer@y...> wrote:

      gfm>> Wow, just received an email from Wire HQ advertising a new 24 cd
      gfm>> Throbbing Gristle box set! That might even trump the Merzbox in
      gfm>> the "unlistenable and pointless" stakes! I remember listening to
      gfm>> one of their live discs, and wincing with pain from the high
      gfm>> pitched sounds on offer. "Industrial music for..." prats? Does
      gfm>> history confer worth on everything that was once worthless?

      s> I'm wondering if anything whose marginality ever attracted defiant
      s> notice from a few cult-makers in the last 30-50 years will eventually
      s> be subjected to a deluxe shrine-building.

      Well y'know, this set is a *reissue* of a cassette release that sold out
      almost immediately on its first release & spawned several generations of
      bootlegs, so I imagine it'll find an audience (already ordered mine
      weeks ago) regardless of your (gfm's) delicate sensibilities. Perhaps
      you should go pick up some more tinnitus and the stuff will sound
      better. May I recommend Whitehouse's _Cruise_? "What are you afraid of,

      s> Stop me if...etc Current 93 - good entry-point?

      Best entry point is probably the live disc, _Cats Drunk on Copper_ which
      offers a good cross-section of the last 10 years' more
      musically-oriented efforts. The facets that don't make it onto that one
      could be supplemented w/ _I Have a Special Plan for this World_ and
      _Faust_; the best of the early noise-oriented period are probably _Dogs
      Blood Rising_ and _Imperium_ tho I'm sure I'll get arguments.

      Jim Flannery newgrange@...

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      Through giving, you also receive. You can never stop giving.
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