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  • belle
    Nov 1, 2002

      a brief mail to update you on sonomu developments...

      sonomu - sound noise music - is here: http://sonomu.net/

      latest releases and reviews added include records by: Fanny, Oƶphoi,
      Mick Harris, Larvae, Turn, OCOSI, et al., Heiner Goebbels, Electric
      Birds, Formatt, Retina.It, Un Caddie renverse dans l'herbe, Colongib,
      et al., Ronnie Sundin, RAS, Stephen Vitiello, Flunk, Royksopp, Athome
      Project, Xploding Plastix, et al., Collections of Colonies of Bees,
      Cyclobe, Paul PM, Sugar B, Tikiman, Rechenzentrum, et al., Junkboy,
      Rondellus, Twilight Circus Dub Sound System, Stephan Micus,
      Geeez'n'Gosh, Sylvain Chauveau, VidnaObmana...

      listen to the latest additions on sonomu radio:

      sonomu has opened a small shop in time for xmas, stocking a selection
      of reviewed cds and stock from label members:


      this is an introductory version of the fully integrated shop facility
      we'll be providing on sonomu itself. the stock - growing daily -
      includes cds from lo recordings, moshi moshi records, tsk! tsk!
      records, memphis industries, ninja tune, domino and more

      label + artist memberships now open for business. mailservices,
      content and cataloguing tools, feedback services. contact
      susanna@... if you're interested in how a label or artist
      membership can make sonomu yours

      best wishes


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