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160702-nite: Mors Syphilitica @ Satyricon

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  • Jett Black
    Oct 16, 2002
      2-nite: Mors Syphilitica @ Satyricon

      Wednesday October 16

      Mors Syphilitica - http://www.morssyphilitica.com/
      Surviving Desire
      Mortal Clay - http://www.mortalclay.com/

      21+ - $8 - Doors @ 8:00

      Satyricon & Fellini's Located in Portland, Oregon.
      125 NW 6th Ave, 503.243.2380
      NightClub Review By: Marty V. and Jett Black

      WHAT"S KEWL about this show?

      A) it's DEFINITELY a gothic presentation!
      B) Mors Syphilitica (does it get more GOTH than this?)
      C) More local musicians under the spotlight.
      D) You can receive FREE music stuff during the show.

      Mors Syphilitica -- If you are one of the lucky recipients of that
      Lollipop magazine mp3 cd compilation I've been passing around lately,
      then you already know that Mors Syphilitica is one of the premier
      featured artists with music on the cd, alongside Cruxshadows in
      the "Goth" section which leads the way into the rest of the music
      featured on that cd.

      LOLLIPOP Magazine, www.lollipop.com
      it just might be worth checking out, huh?

      Splatter about MORS SYPHILITICA (at cdbaby.com)

      "This is music, and not just 'Gothic whatever', at it's best."
      Review of Mors Syphilitica's "Primrose". Reviewer: Jaesyn

      Raise your hand if you've ever seen Mors Syphilitica perform live?
      You may be the lucky few. This will be a first time for me... a long-
      time fan of Mors Syphilitica, and also Requim in White. Click their
      website, check'em out. They happen to also sell music at CD BABY


      mp3's available at www.mortalclay.com

      Some of you might have caught Mortal Clay with Sumerland during
      Mortal Clay's CD RELEASE PARTY at The Back Room. Some of you might
      have caught them at the Vogue in Seattle.

      Recent interview: www.mortalclay.com

      On Wednesday, Oct 16th catch MORTAL CLAY live at Satyricon with
      Desire and MORS SYPHILITICA!

      MORE about Mors Syphilitica....


      Tonight at Satyricon, those who PAY to enter
      (no guest list winners) will receive a ticket that could be a winning

      Several tickets will be WINNERS and drawings will be made in between
      sets and the MOST STUFF will be given away at the end. We will try
      to provide SIGNED copies of kewl stuff at the END of the night to
      those who stick around.

      NocturnalMovements will provide FREE music cds to those ALL who

      We might even have a few VERY special music prizes to offer to those
      paying tricket holders who stick around until the very end.

      Nocturnal Movements provides Prize Closet distributions via Goodie
      Bags and music reviews via a small staff of music journalists and
      street team volunteers.

      Please send 100 - 1000+ Stickers, EPs, Tapes, Postcards, Info Sheets,
      etc. for Goodie Bags to:

      attn: Goodie Bags
      P. O. Box 5583
      Vancouver, WA 98668

      Nocturnal Movements Music Network
      Helping Musicians Help Themselves!

      Contact Jett Black for complete details.
      360.513.9121 jett@...
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