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16041October 11th. Hagshadow night

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  • gaya domdio
    Oct 1 5:22 PM
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      Friday 11 October 2002
      Hinoeuma malediction

      William Bennett DJ Special guest
      founder of legendary Whitehouse - pioneer of extreme electronic music

      Michael 9 (Death Squad) - usa
      infamous for his good performances

      Scott Arford -usa
      experimenting with incomprehensible disturbing block of sound and image

      Randy H.Y. Yau - usa
      conceptual sound artis, Auscultare Research

      Devotion - uk
      Annie Stubbs
      (Lustmord - SPK - Alternative TV)
      Well structured experimental dark ambient music.
      DJ : William Bennett + Ave Maria
      Hagshadow record stall

      start from 9.pm to 2.am
      adm . � 6.00 or 5.00 conc.
      VENUE: Red Rose 129 Seven Sisters Road
      (Finsbury Park underground )
      infos:hagshadow@... www.geocities.com/hagshadow tel.07940079615

      here www.geocities.com/hagshadow1 new pictures from
      Death in June - NON - Stigma Fest. - Whitehouse - Der Blutharsh -
      Anenzephalia - and many more..

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