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15807Re: [thewire] "Musical Artists Not Made For This Economy"

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  • John Farrar
    Sep 9, 2002
      > I don't know how "large" Beefheart's following is. Sure, a lot of people
      know about him and may have heard something from Trout Mask. But how many
      people do you actually know who own his albums? I can count them on one

      Well, me anyway..... I went to his shows in the UK in the 70s and they
      were always sold out. But, of course, I suppose it's all relative.

      There were other bands from the US that seemed to be a lot less recognised
      than they should have been: Spirit, Steve Miller Band and later, Giant

      > Having been into post-punk for a long time, it seems that every other band
      is compared to them (Wire) in some way, which goes to show how they were
      really quite well known.

      On the other hand, Wire gigs were pretty poorly attended during the period
      of their first couple of albums.

      Oh, and how about John Martyn, Michael Rother, The Comsat Angels, Viv
      Stanshall, The Chameleons, Kevin Ayres, XTC.....

      John F.
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