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15800Re: [thewire] "Musical Artists Not Made For This Economy"

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  • John Farrar
    Sep 9, 2002
      > What should we add to that list?

      Captain Beefheart:

      Hmmm, I think he has a pretty large fan base.

      James Blood Ulmer:

      True! I've only heard "Are You Glad To Be In America" - extraordinary

      Roy Harper:

      Again spot on! The double live is superb. "When an Old Crickerter Leaves
      the Crease" never fails to moisten the eyes.

      Peter Hammill:

      And again! He's got some new stuff out hasn't he?

      Maybe add:

      Andy Roberts - "Nina and the Dream Tree" was an amazing album.

      The Residents - OK, may have a reasonably sized cult following, but still
      mainly unknown.

      Gene Clark - "No Other" was the classic Americana album - before the genre
      was born.

      Wire - Seem to have recently been the band to name check. But no-one
      mentioned them much in the late 79s and early 80s.

      John F.
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