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15786Re: 4 x CD-Synchro Release, anyone?

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  • majounrecordings
    Sep 6, 2002
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      --- In thewire@y..., "stevolende" <stevolende@y...> wrote:

      > Die Todlichte Doris?
      > or was that just 2lps?

      You're probably thinking of "Choere & Soli" (Choirs and Solos), which
      Toedliche Doris released in 1983, but that was something completely
      different: 8 "miniphon records" (a bit like these things you had to put
      in the back of talking dolls) featuring garbled a cappellas of
      childrens' songs, plus a battery-driven playing device (because the
      records couldn't be played on a record player) and a book. The device
      played only one record at a time, however, not several simultaneously.
      I think about 1,000 were released by the Pure Freude label of
      Dusseldorf (which was linked to Der Plan, those other German New Wave

      There's a picture of it on the Doris website (www.die-toedliche-
      doris.de) which also has MP3 soundfiles of all their recordings,
      including a live performance of Choere & Soli, where a chattering and
      unimpressed audience drowns out the actual play backs.

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