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15785Re: 4 x CD-Synchro Release, anyone?

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  • stevolende
    Sep 6 1:10 PM
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      --- In thewire@y..., Eric Scott <ericscott@d...> wrote:
      > Hi All,
      the gimmick was that there were
      > 4 discs in the box, all to be played simultaneously
      > using 4 separate players (and to be cued up
      > specially with front-end "countdowns" I believe...)
      > so you & 3 of your best friends could hear the noises
      > in a kind of mutated quad-sound...
      > Can anyone remember the artist /and/or release title?

      Die Todlichte Doris?
      or was that just 2lps?
      Think they got there a longtime earlier since that was released in
      the early 80s, wonder if anybody else beat them to it?

      it used to be fun to stick 2 tapes on simultaneously on the player at
      my mothers place -Flipper and Howling wolf was cool as I recall
      Np Savage REpublic Ivory Coast (parking lot version)
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