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15653Re: [thewire] Re: Merzbox

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  • Olivier Borzeix
    Aug 14 6:16 AM
      Know what folks?

      I was just reading John Zorn's Mailing list's FAQ's and in it there is:

      "What's the deal with this 100 CD boxset?
      In an issue of The Wire, there was an advertisement for a 100 CD boxset
      of Zorn/Eye from their 1995 China tour. Supposedly, it is a limited
      edition of 1000 copies. Each CD will be variable length with the
      shortest at one second! Word is that the release date has been pushed
      back to Fall 1997, my guess is that is optimistic.
      More recent info seems to indicate that the project has been cancelled."

      The more it goes the more it looks like a Guinness book record contest!

      He he he he

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