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15647Re: Merzbox & Japanese indie book

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  • gradyfinklemyer
    Aug 13, 2002
      I'll take Schulze's 90's releases such as Beyond Recall, Royal
      Festival Hall 1,2, The Dome Event over any Merzbow release...much
      more interesting use of sound and the spaces between the sound. The
      only Merzbow I've heard that I like is The Sleeper Wakes on the Edge
      of the Abyss, and that is only because it is tweaked by Hermman.

      > I would bet dollars to doughnuts that the Merzbox is a more
      > listen than any 64 hr collection of Schulze material (a guy who, if
      > not mistaken, hasn't done much of note in the last 20 years or
      so). On
      > the other hand, I didn't realize there was only space in the world
      for one
      > 50 CD box.
      > By the way, has anybody ever considered that the concept of (small
      > extreme inherent in a 50 CD box set is a deliberate aesthetic
      choice that
      > might be related to Akita's artistic pursuits?
      > -rob
      > --
      > Janitor From Mars playlists and archives @
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