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  • stevolende
    Aug 13, 2002
      --- In thewire@y..., reid tamashiro <reidtama@y...> wrote:
      > Besides, if your music collection runs in the
      > thousands, the question seems a bit comical. "What
      > fool would spend $500 on 50 cds?!...Uh, I gotta go
      > home a catalogue my 2,000+ collection..."
      > >
      from where i'm standing the answer to this and an earlier post from
      you is that when you're collecting individual works and get a lot of
      them, you've done so on a far more individual basis.
      i.e. you have a big collection of one offs
      if you get a 50 cd box you just have this monolithic bulk that you
      need to work out how to break down yourself. to me that seems
      daunting + somewhat artificial.

      this reminds me, I keep lending a friend of mine stacks of cds , some
      of which he burns to cdr, for this he burns me stuff.
      The problem here that I keep finding is that he doesn't have time to
      actually take in what he's been lent. He's normally got several other
      things on the go at the same time.
      To me, if you're picking up an artist's work over a period of time
      you get the chance to find out what you like/dislike across his work.
      If you're hit with a solid bulk you're just not going to get the
      chance to do that.
      This is something that gets talked about occasionally on 60s psych
      lists +others that I'm on. How do you introduce a new listener to
      the work of an artist? You know that the following records are
      good....., that means several lps. But the newcomer is listening in
      real time, so hasn't got the chance to let something grow on them the
      way that somebody more familiar with the work would have. Trying to
      convince somebody to stay on track with the music they're being
      introduced to is impossible, shouldn't be tried cos its artificial.
      The area of personal choice pretty obviously can't be dictated.
      to get to points where you can discuss music might take a longer time
      than you've got.
      Is there a way around it? or is that like asking the length of a
      piece of string?
      Np Savage Republic Ceremonial
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