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  • Jim Flannery
    Aug 12, 2002
      Andrij wrote to wire:

      A> Or perhaps the 50 CDs are reissues of long out of print casettes
      A> and LPs, and outtakes from the past 20 years.

      In fact, much of it is just that. People who actually want to know
      what's in it could go to the Aquarius Records site, or pick up the
      last issue of Chunklet, and read Andee's disc-by-disc reviews of the
      whole box.

      As far as "who would spend money on *that*" goes, I wonder the same
      thing about smokers or people with new cars or children, all the time.
      But really, what fucking business is it of anybody here what other
      people do with their money?

      Jim Flannery newgrange@...

      Because they've created such a deep structure now, you can't
      get in. And we don't want to get in, we're on the outside.
      But we're not on the outside looking in, we're on the outside
      looking out. -- John Zorn

      np: Volcano the Bear, _The One Burned Ma_
      nr: Mick Farren, _Give the Anarchist a Cigarette_
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