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  • Olivier Borzeix
    Aug 11, 2002
      Not so far from that subject... I heard (don't remember when though)
      that Mr. Akita decided he would put out one record a week (I might be
      exagerating but I really think he does it sometimes) when he heard
      Sun-Ra had more than 500 records out (don't even know if this is true
      either... I don't really like Sun Ra), doing so to beat him. Sounds
      silly as shit but, sometimes, I wonder.

      Anyways, refering to smthin stevo said earlier (I think), my way of
      apreciating Akita is just listening as much things as I can from him in
      shops and deciding which ones are worth and which aren't. So far not
      much did it to my CD's/LP's shelves.


      Simon Fay a écrit :

      > Kim (?) asked why some folk had it in for the Merzbox.
      > IMO it just seems another exercise in gargantuanism in
      > a world already stuffed to the gills with shite made
      > meaningless by its predominant mediocrity and sheer
      > bulk.
      > SF
      > "In the new world the characteristic unit will be
      > small, highly mobile,
      > independent and intelligent."
      > - Robert Fripp (1974)
      > "Trade Unions? Fuck off!" Rick Wakeman (5 minutes later)
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