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  • diskono2002
    Aug 7, 2002
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      A friend of mine bought it and i find it impossible to get any sort
      of sensible overview on it, mainly because of the cost (£550).

      I think it's a pretty crazy object and worth it for humour value
      alone. You have to be mad to buy and it and listen to it. Saying that
      i like a lot of the early tape stuff. The last 35 CD's are tough

      Also, makes for a good conversation piece whenever you are stuck for
      something to say to the nice girl or (boy) standing next to you at
      your next experimental concert e.g. "I bought the Merzbow thing".
      Never fails to get an incredulous response.

      Also, the packaging. Nice trashy fetish stuff that you would find in
      a tourist shop in Amsterdam. Skimpy cheapo cd case and crappy labels.

      Best And Warmest

      Joseph Sergej Velez aka His Cigar Smoke Was Unmissably Subtle

      --- In thewire@y..., "John Eastridge" <johneastridge@h...> wrote:
      > does anyone have that merzbow 50 c.d. box set? it seems really good
      but too
      > impractical to purchase and listen to, but if some has it i'd like
      to know
      > what they think.
      > john
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