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  • gradyfinklemyer
    Jul 5, 2002
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      Is this the same person who was in Between, and put out some Terry
      Riley-influenced records on Celestial Harmonies, such as Bardo?

      --- In thewire@y..., jonbeds@a... wrote:
      > Hello James
      > > Just wondering if anyone has any information, good books,
      > > or web sites on trance music. I'm really talking about some of
      > > religious, ritual based music from around the world. Qawali,
      > > Voodu, Possession rites e.t.c. but am interested in any document
      > > that goes into the musical techniques that allow people to attain
      > > these states (Repetion, loops). I was even thinking that some
      > > areas of Coltrane's music and other ecstatic jazz fit into this
      > > category. It is groundwork for a dissertation i'm writing so
      > > literally any suggestions or ideas will be welcomed.
      > >
      > > Thanks
      > Well, you could try Peter Michael Hamel's Book 'Through Music to
      the Self'.
      > This book contains lots of stuff about the spiritual significance
      of all
      > sorts of music, including early electronic music (he was writing in
      the 70s).
      > Its a great read and contains some very intersting insights.
      Rigourous but
      > not to dry and academic. I thoroughly recommend you get it. I think
      > recently been republished.
      > Jon
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