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  • jonbeds@aol.com
    Jul 5 9:22 AM
      Hello James

      > Just wondering if anyone has any information, good books, journals
      > or web sites on trance music. I'm really talking about some of the
      > religious, ritual based music from around the world. Qawali,
      > Voodu, Possession rites e.t.c. but am interested in any document
      > that goes into the musical techniques that allow people to attain
      > these states (Repetion, loops). I was even thinking that some
      > areas of Coltrane's music and other ecstatic jazz fit into this
      > category. It is groundwork for a dissertation i'm writing so
      > literally any suggestions or ideas will be welcomed.
      > Thanks

      Well, you could try Peter Michael Hamel's Book 'Through Music to the Self'.
      This book contains lots of stuff about the spiritual significance of all
      sorts of music, including early electronic music (he was writing in the 70s).
      Its a great read and contains some very intersting insights. Rigourous but
      not to dry and academic. I thoroughly recommend you get it. I think its
      recently been republished.


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