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152Re: EN, Music Press Bitching

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  • A.E.Wallis
    Jun 1 9:15 AM

      Just out of interest what are you doing your PhD in? I'm about to start
      one on the influence cacophony has had upon culture and society.

      The more aware of us do recognise that there are women creating valuable
      and creative music!


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      > On Sun, 31 May 1998, Tom Ewing wrote:
      > >
      > > Take Nick Cave and Spiritualized, two of the more interesting
      > mainstream acts
      > > around IMO, and two currently getting a lot of press. Virtually all
      > the Nick
      > > Cave articles (the Q one mentioned above, for instance) boil down to
      > "Wow,
      > Nick
      > > Cave sure took a lot of drugs back then.". Similarly, I can think of
      > scores of
      > There are some excellent net resources for Nick Cave and the Bad
      > Seeds and family.... a good thing too, as the press they get is always
      > completely useless, if copious! I think the music press enjoys the
      > cartoon NC&tBS they have created too much to pay any attention to the
      > actual musicians involved, which is a terrible shame as I find
      > they form one of the more productive and enjoyable family trees
      > active today...... The best two websites are:
      > Ross's "The Cave Inn"
      > http://www.zephyr.net/cave/
      > & Maurice's "Nick Cave Collector's Hell"
      > http://www.IAE.nl/users/maes/cave/
      > In case you're interested, there is an amusing, civilised,
      > and argumentative mailinglist devoted to them as well... (usually
      > around
      > 450- 500 subscribers, with traffic at 3-50 pieces of email a day...
      > depends how het up everyone is...being subscribed to this list is a
      > bit
      > like having an unexploded bomb at the bottom of your garden... you
      > never
      > know *when* its going to explode with hundreds and hundreds of
      > emails...
      > a few months ago it was generating 100+ per day, but has quietened
      > down
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