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150Re: EN, Music Press Bitching

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  • Anna Clare McDuff
    Jun 1, 1998
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      On Sun, 31 May 1998, Tom Ewing wrote:
      > Take Nick Cave and Spiritualized, two of the more interesting mainstream acts
      > around IMO, and two currently getting a lot of press. Virtually all the Nick
      > Cave articles (the Q one mentioned above, for instance) boil down to "Wow,
      > Cave sure took a lot of drugs back then.". Similarly, I can think of scores of

      There are some excellent net resources for Nick Cave and the Bad
      Seeds and family.... a good thing too, as the press they get is always
      completely useless, if copious! I think the music press enjoys the
      cartoon NC&tBS they have created too much to pay any attention to the
      actual musicians involved, which is a terrible shame as I find
      they form one of the more productive and enjoyable family trees
      active today...... The best two websites are:

      Ross's "The Cave Inn"


      & Maurice's "Nick Cave Collector's Hell"


      In case you're interested, there is an amusing, civilised,
      and argumentative mailinglist devoted to them as well... (usually around
      450- 500 subscribers, with traffic at 3-50 pieces of email a day...
      depends how het up everyone is...being subscribed to this list is a bit
      like having an unexploded bomb at the bottom of your garden... you never
      know *when* its going to explode with hundreds and hundreds of emails...
      a few months ago it was generating 100+ per day, but has quietened down
      since, much to everyone's relief.....) To subscribe, send an email to:


      subscribe goodson <your email here>

      as the body of the message.

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