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14856Re: atonal rap/hip-hop

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  • reddye6
    May 6, 2002
      >In general, I am interested in things that
      >straddle the line between spoken word/drama
      >and sound art

      Intermedium Records is a great place to jump in for contemporary radio
      drama, though most of it is in German (except for the great, great
      Beckett release "... the whole thing's coming out of the dark"). Then
      there's the radio dramas of Ammer and Einheit, the latest one being
      "Crashing Aeroplanes." I also like the soundtracks to Derek Jarman's
      films, which often include a healthy portion of dialogue.

      Other spoken word releases that stand out for me, off the top of my
      head, include Steven Jesse Bernstein's "Prison" (great voice, kind of
      like a young Burroughs) and Jeff Noon/David Toop's "Needle in the
      Groove," and I'd even throw in Current 93's "I Have A Special Plan For
      This World."

      A place to dig through a goldmine of sound poetry/spoken word mp3s is
      at www.ubu.com. There's a ton: Beckett, Burroughs, Artaud, Giorno
      Poetry Systems stuff. Just go there.
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