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14832Re: Anyone know any reliable on-line shops in Germany

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  • Herman de Vries
    May 1, 2002
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      Indeed most of the record labels sell online, as mentioned:
      MDOS=Mego, Force inc/Mille Plateaux (who also has a small
      selection of other recordlabels such as Raster-Noton, Mego, etc.)
      Staubgold and A-Musik are both record and online-shops and a

      > Efa www.efa-medien.de (One of the largest independent distributors:
      I have to check that one out if the sell AGF/Kyborg and the Pole 7"
      on Monika i am happy

      > It may be more helpful to check out www.amazon.de, if you can get past
      > the language barrier. The larger independent distributors in Germany
      > are all available there.
      I've just order something there yesterday wich works fine but one
      warning the prices are for the german market when i asked i did get
      this reply from Amazon.de:
      "I checked into your order and found that the higher price comes
      from the betterment tax. Our system recognizes automatically if
      the delivery of your order is into a foreign country and adds the tax
      on every item."

      what ever betterment tax is

      "bitte nie zu sagen, das ist langweilig, das kenne ich schon
      - das ist die groesste katastrophe, immer wieder sagen: ich hab`
      keine ahnung, ich moecht` das noch einmal erleben"