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147Re: Good music writing, and the British improv scene

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  • Anna Clare McDuff
    Jun 1, 1998
      On Sun, 31 May 1998, Tom Ewing wrote:
      > I'm very keen to find out more about the improv scene in this country in
      > general, but my question is: where to find out about it? I'm pretty much a
      > complete novice, so even the most basic information would be appreciated.

      OK, this *really* depends on where you live... the improv scene is
      a flourishing one, but it takes place in holes and corners & rarely sees
      the light of day.... all I really know about is the scene near where I
      live, and I'm lucky enough to live near Stoke Newington, which as you may
      have gathered from the listings pages in the Wire, is very fertile ground
      for Improv-Genii. Try Sunday nights at the Vortex (Church Street, upstairs
      above the bookshop) and look around for any leaflets/ads... Also on
      Sundays in Stoke Newington is the 2:13 club, which is usually advertised
      in the Wire.... The Midsummer Festival is going to be utterly splendid (it
      always is) and always includes lots and lots of Improv....I can't remember
      if they're having the Jazz Relay this year, but thats always lots of
      fun... If you *don't* live in London, tell me where you *do* live & I'll
      speak to some of my better-connected friends and see if they can help
      you... There are CDs of Improv music, but you only really get the flavour
      of it live.

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