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14650FS/FA: Tada Masami, Aube/Sian, Oval, Techno Animal

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  • pm.carey@utoronto.ca
    Apr 1, 2002
      ** PRICES ARE US$ POSTAGE PAID ** in North America (more for overseas)
      If you don't like a price, make me an OFFER.

      A "price/OFFERS" listing means an item is for sale at that
      price, unless an offer above this price has been made.

      $20 -- Aube/RLW - "Organized" HOL 10" (Meeuw Muzak: mm006) 1997
      [Orange vinyl. Nakajima's piece, "Embossed Phrasings",
      manipulates RLW's church organ recordings, while Wehowsky's
      work, "Erased Phasings", uses Aube's electronic organ & bell
      sounds. Excellent (dark, minimal) ambient drones. Limited
      to 300 copies. Deleted.]

      OFFERS -- Aube/Sshe Retina Stimulants - "Video Field Recordings"
      GER picdisc LP (Du√ębel: whol03) 1997 [Beautiful picture disc
      documenting the outcome of an "East-West Audio-Visual Feedbacking
      Process". Original source: audio from SRS environmental videos
      shot in Milan in 1994. Manipulated/processed by Aube, then SRS
      (w/ Eraldo Bernocchi), and finally Aube again. A solid, droning,
      darkambient/power electronics monster. Mint. Deleted.]

      $14 -- Aube - "Deglaze" ITA LP (Old Europa Cafe: oelp005) 1998
      [Sound source: Glass. First pressing. Clear vinyl.
      Limited & numbered (#360/470). Mint. Still sealed.]

      $10 -- Matthew Bower/Richard Youngs - "Site/Realm" US LP (VHF/Insample)
      1994 [2 long electric guitar duets from Bower (Skullflower,
      Total, Sunroof!) & Youngs (A-Band) rec. at A.O. Millom (3/20/94).
      Comes in a heavy, handscreened, fold-out jacket. Mint.]

      $14 -- Oval - "94 Diskont" US 2LP (Thrill Jockey: thrill036) 1994
      [US vinyl pressing of the classic "94 Diskont" LP with a
      bonus LP of "Do While" remixes by O'Rourke, Mouse On Mars,
      Scanner & Christian Vogel. Absolutely mint.]

      $25/OFFERS -- Sian - "Synapse/Atmos" HOL LP (Korm Plastics) 1996
      [Akifumi Nakajima (Aube) and Shohei Iwasaki (Monde Bruits)
      with some seriously spaced-out, early Tangerine Dream &
      Popul Vuh-inspired soundscapes. Part of the Korm Plastics
      "Ambient Series". A few small seam splits in the jacket,
      otherwise mint (w/ insert). Ltd. to 250 copies. Deleted.]

      $10 -- Sian - "Still/Act" US 7" (Fever Pitch: fp13) 1996
      [First pressing. Clear vinyl. Fold out cover. More
      psych-electronics from Nakajima & Iwasaki. Limited &
      numbered (#187/250). Mint. Deleted.]

      $22 -- Tada Masami - "Sound Improvisation <Son> ("existence")" JAP CD
      (SOH Gallery: soh-9006) 1993 [Beautiful improv minimalism using
      the sounds/resonances of wood, stones, and bamboo. Live recording
      (SOKO Gallery, Tokyo, 1992) from this Kosugi associate, and ex-East

      Bionic Symphonia artist. Comes with obi.]

      $ 7 -- Techno Animal - "Demonoid +3" US 12" (Grand Royal) 1997
      [Feat. "Atomic Buddha", plus "Oil King" & "Mindbender",
      not on "Techno Animal vs. Reality" LP. Mint.]

      $10 -- Techno Animal - "Demonoid/Animalized" UK 12" (City Slang) 1997
      [Feat. "Animalized", not on "Techno Animal vs. Reality" LP. Mint.]