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144Arnold Dreyblatt (was: Re: [thewire] Re: Some Observations)

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  • Oeivind Idsoe
    May 31 10:44 AM
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      Tom Ewing wrote:

      > (ObActualMusicContent: Three or four people have recommended Arnold
      > Dreyblatt to me over the last month or so. Where to start?)

      I just bought his Nodal Excitations, but that's the only CD I've got by him and
      so I couldn't really make you a primer (I think there's a review of NE in the
      latest issue of The Wire, right?).

      The music basically consists of string instruments and a bass and a keyboardy
      instrument I can't remember the name of right now, and they all follow the same
      pulse. It may sound boring and monotous at first, but there's some fascinating
      play of overtones going on, which is constantly changing. Sort of like a very
      advanced mouth harp, but with a pseudo-beat to Nod your head to.