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1435Re: Fw: Muslimgauze

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  • Davis Ford
    Jan 15, 1999
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      >From: Steven Taylor <kung.funk@...>
      >> I noticed for some strange that the list attributes for this list were
      >> to "reply to sender" and not "reply to list"...so if you sent a message
      >> hitting the reply button on your mail app...it probably went only to the
      >> sender. It is fixed now. That said, DeeDee was kind enough to offer up
      >> some Muslimgauze opinions...which I think was intended for the
      >This is the only mailing list i'm on where 'reply to list' is set as
      >It seems much better to have 'reply to sender' as default as a precedent
      >already been set by other Mailing lists.
      >Ive seen plenty of replies to the list which were obviously intended as
      >personal replies.

      I can set it up that way...but then people end up getting the message twice
      the way you replied to the former message, because you used a "reply to all"
      feature on your mail app...so it sent it to the list, and to my email
      address. I'd rather not get duplicate copies of messages. To avoid this,
      you'd have to delete my name from the To: field. Either way, you'll have to
      edit something to get it straight (in this instance, if you want it to go to
      the sender, and not the list, cut and paste the address). I think it's
      easier this way, but if enough people disagree...I'll gladly switch it back.

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