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1433Fw: Muslimgauze

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  • Davis Ford
    Jan 15, 1999
      I noticed for some strange that the list attributes for this list were set
      to "reply to sender" and not "reply to list"...so if you sent a message by
      hitting the reply button on your mail app...it probably went only to the
      sender. It is fixed now. That said, DeeDee was kind enough to offer up
      some Muslimgauze opinions...which I think was intended for the list...davis

      >Hi there,
      >my Muslimgauze recommendations are
      >Return of Black September, on Soleilmoon,
      >Zul��m on Extreme Records,
      >Occupied Territories,also Soleilmoon.
      >Return is very dark and scary, but at the same time very dubby.
      >Strange noises and echos float in and out of the mix, very atmospheric
      >and very dense.It��s a limited edition of 500, should you have
      >problems finding it let me know, and we might do a tape or md trade of
      >some sort.
      >Zul��m is much lighter, almost ambient, as usual with strong eastern
      >influences. My "easy listening" Muslimgauze record. Definitely
      >Occupied is a three-cd set with remixes and original material, very
      >good stuff and a great way into the work of the late Bryn Jones.
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