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141Re: Noise Bands

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  • Tom Ewing
    May 31, 1998
      > Personally (and this is my opinion folks) I find the abrasive stuff I can
      > handle in small doses only...I prefer an ebb and flow, a landscape that
      > can incorporate all facets..ghostly whispers through to slabs of screeech...

      > I know there are those that will and CAN justify what they are doing...I guess

      It's the justification that interests me, though. I like the idea of a "How
      To Listen To Noise" article, not so much as a consumer guide but as a
      compendium of different approaches to noise (noise as
      political/philosophical idea, the erotics of noise, noise as rock'n'roll
      gesture, noise as free musical expression, etc. etc.)

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