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13908Re: [thewire] black 'n' white (was Year-End list)

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  • Marc Weidenbaum
    Jan 7, 2002
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      N.E.R.D.'s 'In Search Of' is a great record. It didn't come out in the U.S.
      yet, I don't think, aside from the "Lapdance" single. It's due out later
      this month or early next.


      At 07:38 PM 1/7/02 -0600, A.S. Van Dorston wrote:
      >Listen to the entire Missy Elliott album and it's not as consistent as Supa
      >Dupa Fly, but better than her second album. I think it was good -- I
      >ranked it about 81 in my list. I think my original question was, is it
      >possible that Miss E, Jay-Z and Cannibal Ox were near the top of the lists
      >because they were the few token black artists, so they carried extra weight
      >in some minds? Let's say if those albums hovered just below a critic's top
      >10 or 20, they might be accused of having homogenous taste. So perhaps the
      >ranking gets inflated for the sake of "balance." Or perhaps not. Why not
      >put N*E*R*D at the top -- is it possible they aren't "black" enough,
      >because their album represents a synthesis with rock music, which is
      >considered "white," despite the valiant efforts of Hendrix, Isley Bros,
      >Funkadelic, Bad Brains and now Black Jack Johnson Project, to reclaim it?
      >Just questions, not any sort of theory.

      - - -
      Marc Weidenbaum
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