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13906Re: [thewire] year end list

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  • Marc Weidenbaum
    Jan 7, 2002
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      In a word: ditto. I haven't even read the review in question, but I've been
      loving that "Get Ur Freak On" single, and the whole album. Man, pick up the
      CD single and check out the instrumental version. It's splendidly jittery,
      with these weird silent gaps at the start and this kooky B-movie vibe
      toward the end. It's only "mainstream" in retrospect -- i.e., because it's
      popular. There isn't much on pop radio that resembles it.

      At 11:55 PM 1/7/02 +0000, Simon Smith wrote:
      >sorry ... you (in the 'vous' sense) are often men of impeccable taste, but
      >in this case you're just wrong (though I suspect we've been here before).
      >the Missy E album is one of the weirdest commercial hit records in a long
      >time and is well worthy of top-ending the list. I'm not even going to bother
      >responding to the idea that some of us only like it because of Penman's
      >review ... it was a route throught hip-hop to jazz that got me into a lot of
      >wire stuff in the first place.
      >And I really can't see how anyone can talk about 'commercial' music, and
      >then express an interest in Electralene, who have made a great record, but
      >are hardly ground-breaking (ditto Low, Will Oldham etc ... all good, but not
      >really cutting edge).
      >Without wishing to drag up an old argument, the only obvious difference
      >between the not-very-cutting-edge Missy and Jay Z and the
      >not-very-cutting-edge Electralene and Will Oldham (obviously there are
      >stylistic differences, but that didn't appear to be your complaint, given
      >that you all seem to have wide-ranging tastes) is one of skin colour and
      >obviously that's NOT what you're basing your judgement on (no sarcasm
      >intended, honestly!!!) So what IS the problem?

      - - -
      Marc Weidenbaum
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