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139Re: Some Observations

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  • Tom Ewing
    May 31, 1998
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      > I love Wire, and have read it for many years. It has opened my ears to
      > many musicians I have never previously heard of, but one thing has
      > always annoyed (amused?) me - why is it that every year in the January
      > issues when the "best" records of the last year are listed, the
      > magazine seems to lose its nerve and opt for well-known/currently cool
      > artists. 1995 we had the vastly overrated Tricky as best record
      > followed by A guy Called Gerald and Scott Walker. 1996 was Tortoise
      > and Nearly God - last year was Robert Wyatt. I'm not saying these are
      > bad records - it just seems so out of character with the rest of the
      > year's reviews and editorials.
      > Robert Killip

      Easy - it's a poll, and when people are polled everyone's third or fourth
      favourite record tends to win. Everyone I know who's heard "Shleep", for
      example, likes it a lot, nobody I know would have put it as their
      favourite album of last year, but consensus wins out over individual
      passion. What I love about the Wire's year-end round-ups is the space the
      individual writers are given to list their individual likes/dislikes
      (though what David Keenan has against Chuck Eddy I can't imagine ;)). It
      seems to be part of a general policy of allowing the writers space to
      write as individuals without any 'house style', yet another way in which
      the magazine sets itself apart from the glossies and weeklies.

      (ObActualMusicContent: Three or four people have recommended Arnold
      Dreyblatt to me over the last month or so. Where to start?)
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