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  • ninplant@xs4all.nl
    Jan 6, 2002
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      Since i have the suspicion that everyone just deletes my posted
      playlists [plug: you shouldn't necessarily just dump them. i try to
      do extensive reviews or interviews etc. so its not just a list] here
      is my year-end list as supplied to a Dutch music trade jrnl for their
      annual vote tally...

      i also judge a disc by listenability [i.e., how often i go back to it
      on headphones or when guests are over] vs surprising inventiveness of
      sound vs transgressive energy vs the otherness-obscurity factor...

      bart / wreck this mess-amsterdam

      If you'd like to know more [or less!] about any of the below. don't
      hesitate to ask off-list.

      1. "Matrix" > Ryoji Ikeda [Touch]
      2. "Sah? / 5_24" > Indopepsychics vs Robert Henke [Progressive Form]
      3. "Staedtizism" > Various Artists [~scape]
      4. "Dub this Net: Altered Connection 1" > Various Artists [Hypertunez]
      5. "Select Cuts from Blood & Fire: Chapter Two" > Various Artists [Echo Beach]
      6. "Bip Hop Generation vols. 1-4" > Various Artists [Bip Hop / Bleep]
      7. "Shallow & Profound" > Yonderboi [Ugar]
      8. "King Jammy Meets Dry & Heavy in the Jaws of the Tiger" > King
      Jammy vs Dry & Heavy [BSI]
      9. "Your Favourite London Sounds" > compiled by Peter Cusack [London
      Musician's Collective]
      10. "Julie B. Bonnie" > Julie B. Bonnie [Island]


      11. "Three the Hard Way" > DJ Scud vs Bombardier vs Nitro [Cross Fade
      12. "I Love Serge: Electronica Gainsbourg" > Various Artists [Universal]
      13. "Bit Streams" > Various Artists [JdK / Whitney Museum]
      14. "Claire de Terre" > Robert Normandeau [Empreintes Digitales]
      15. "Pole R" > Pole [~scape]
      16. "The City's Collapsing [But Not Tonight]" > Zorn [Lux Nigra]
      17. "Don't Dolby the Bedroom Composers" > Morphine Boutique [tete-a-tete]
      18. "L'Autre Nuit" > Phil Von & the Gnawa Musicians of Fes [Prikosnovenie]
      19. "Skandinavian" > Penumbra [Iris Light]
      20. "Electronomicon" > Pitch Black [Kog]
      21. "State of the Union 200.1" > Various Artists [EMF]
      22. "Famous Aspect" > Various Artists [Mille Plateaux]
      23. "Ten Thousand Shades of Blue" > Richard Lainhart [XI Records]
      24. "My Life in the Gush of Boasts" > Scott Marshall [Paniculture]
      25. "Handle With Care" > EZ3kiel [Jarring Effects]
      26. "We Are Your Friends" > Die Trip Computer Die [Alcohol]
      27. "Orange Noise" > Maschinenschlosser [Dbelltime]

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