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13878Re: [thewire] year end list

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  • Vincent Bergeron
    Jan 6, 2002
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      I agree for Le Tigre which previous record was better and even there quiet a record of few listens only.

      But, Missy E made some real creative hip-hop. All right, there's a load of creative hip-hop lately, but it's certainly not crap because it sell well. This pro-underground attitude is no better than the opposite. I think the record deserve to be in this top, not that high though...
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      From: ralph2319311
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      Sent: Saturday, January 05, 2002 7:59 PM
      Subject: [thewire] year end list

      ...Missy "F"in Elliot-#8?? Jay zzzzzz??? Le tigre?? Shite, Shite,
      Shite, Shite, Shite, Shite...Cannibal Bollocks?? Give me an "F"in
      break pu-leeeze!!!! Every year the quality of the year end list seems
      to sink lower and lower and things start to get more and more
      commercial. People...we don't have to go out of our way to prove how
      open minded we are by pretending to like worthless cack. How many of
      you are actually going to be listening to the Missy E record a few
      years from now? It's disposable tripe on par with Britney, etc. And I
      really doubt all of you Missy E lovers out there would be so into her
      if Ian Pinprick didn't write her up in the rag. He should have saved
      that review for Uncut instead of The Wire.

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