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13877Re: [thewire] Miss E

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  • Rob Thornton
    Jan 6, 2002
      On Sun, 6 Jan 2002, chux wrote:

      > >First of all, you're assuming that Wire readers learned about her from the
      > >magazine, Ralph, and that isn't so. I heard the Missy E singles on the
      > >radio (in the US) and never read the Wire article.
      > I think that it is pretty reasonable to assume that Wire readers read
      > IP's review of the Missy E album, whether or not that was their first
      > exposure to (the idea of) Missy is irrelevant.

      Fair enough. I should have said _all_ Wire readers.

      Also, looks like I overreached myself. I never meant to imply that
      disliking Missy E means that you are politically "retrograde" or something
      silly like that.

      Think I'll take your advice chux, looks like I've got a lousy backhand and
      not enough accuracy.

      rob t.
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