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1383Re: [the wire] New Electronica/New Politics

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  • Harvey Devoe Thornburg
    Jan 5, 1999
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      > Asunto: [the wire] New Electronica/New Politics
      > Harvey said "I think the worst thing that could possibly happen is for =
      > art to become a slave to the political. Ideology ends only in one =
      > thing:=20
      > mass bloodshed."
      > 1.
      > I think that art becoming a "slave" to the political is not the most =
      > interesting thing that coud happen. But a "master/slave" deterministic =
      > relationship in not the ONLY possible articulation.
      > In many cases in this century, art and politics have shown that, with =
      > flexible and dialectics relations, creativity and social change could be =
      > respectively empowered.
      > For example, the DADA movement at the beginning of XX century, =
      > Surrealism in the =B430s and Situacionism in the =B450s and =B460s. This =
      > avant-garde movements (without whom ANY actual experimental art is =
      > impossible) produced "great art" with a strong political compromise. And =
      > I think that Krautrock could have never happened without the libertarian =
      > impulse of May =B468.=20
      > Counterculture, by itself, implicates a political way of thinking and =
      > creating culture.

      Thank you for your thoughtful comments.

      I've always thought that factors such as you describe are the stuff
      behind politics, or to give it a name, "metapolitics". I agree this is
      a proper domain for art (not as subject but as an environment for
      art to thrive within). I believe technological issues; the rise of
      digital media etc. is such a metapolitical situation worth exploring
      through sound art, especially because it is so hard to articulate through
      other means.

      > =20
      > 2.
      > Another thing: politics and ideology are not equal terms. Avant-garde =
      > politics refers to the articulation of action and thinking in order to =
      > produce revolutionary changes in society. Ideology, on the other hands, =
      > refers to a system of beliefs son social groups generate to control and =
      > manipulate others. Ideology is always created for the purpouse of =
      > domination, while avant-garde politics (theoretically and practically) =
      > tends to free ourselves from the actual ideologic hegemony.
      > =20

      Again, I find myself in agreement with you, which is why I used the word
      "ideology" in the end.

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