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1382Re: [the wire] New Electronica/New Politics

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  • Franco Ingrassia
    Jan 5, 1999
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      Asunto: [the wire] New Electronica/New Politics

      Harvey said "I think the worst thing that could possibly happen is for art to become a slave to the political. Ideology ends only in one thing:
      mass bloodshed."

      I think that art becoming a "slave" to the political is not the most interesting thing that coud happen. But a "master/slave" deterministic relationship in not the ONLY possible articulation.
      In many cases in this century, art and politics have shown that, with flexible and dialectics relations, creativity and social change could be respectively empowered.
      For example, the DADA movement at the beginning of XX century, Surrealism in the �30s and Situacionism in the �50s and �60s. This avant-garde movements (without whom ANY actual experimental art is impossible) produced "great art" with a strong political compromise. And I think that Krautrock could have never happened without the libertarian impulse of May �68.
      Counterculture, by itself, implicates a political way of thinking and creating culture.

      Another thing: politics and ideology are not equal terms. Avant-garde politics refers to the articulation of action and thinking in order to produce revolutionary changes in society. Ideology, on the other hands, refers to a system of beliefs son social groups generate to control and manipulate others. Ideology is always created for the purpouse of domination, while avant-garde politics (theoretically and practically) tends to free ourselves from the actual ideologic hegemony.
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