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13700Re: [thewire] vacationing in Anaphoria

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  • mIEKAL aND
    Dec 6, 2001
      Ive been working with a notion called hand-print intonation with gourd
      saxophones. That is I get a gourd, put a mouthpiece on it & then get
      comfortable holding that particular gourd in some way that reflects the
      shapes of the gourd. I then make holes in the places that my fingers
      have settled upon. sort of neaderthal harmonic theory. A few of my
      music projects can be found at:



      pictures of a few instruments at:


      radio caterpillar is also the name of my email radio station, but I
      think it is having some downtime right now.


      Kraig Grady wrote:

      > mIEKAL!
      > Now its not every one who has issues of Interval lying around. You
      > must
      > have some interest in all this stuff yourself so please tell.

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