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137Some Observations

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  • Robert Killip
    May 31, 1998
      Hello to the list,
      I've also just joined - there are some interesting discussions going on! I have
      been a keen (obsessive?) music collector for 30 years and have never really
      considered the male/female bias. It seems to me that women get reasonable
      exposure only when recording vocals - many women singers achieve huge success
      particularly in "popular" music, but also in jazz circles. It's a different
      story though for instrumental music of any type for some reason.
      I love Wire, and have read it for many years. It has opened my ears to many
      musicians I have never previously heard of, but one thing has always annoyed
      (amused?) me - why is it that every year in the January issues when the "best"
      records of the last year are listed, the magazine seems to lose its nerve and
      opt for well-known/currently cool artists. 1995 we had the vastly overrated
      Tricky as best record followed by A guy Called Gerald and Scott Walker. 1996 was
      Tortoise and Nearly God - last year was Robert Wyatt. I'm not saying these are
      bad records - it just seems so out of character with the rest of the year's
      reviews and editorials.
      Robert Killip
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