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13640Psychedelic Collage

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  • Vincent Bergeron
    Nov 30, 2001
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      It's done! It started off as an idea like that, but the end result is quiet
      stunning i think! I took mostly really obscure samples. garage rock, sci-fi,
      novelty items, built up rock-opera with samples, arty rock, noise rock (no
      Velvet, Stooges, MC5... in there). 18:23 is the final time. Here's a little
      description i made...

      Tribute to psychedelic rock. The 60's is the most important decade in
      pop and rock music for the 20th century. This psychedelic collage (late
      some moments of 1960-1965) try to expose underground moments of brilliance
      almost no one have heard. The collage contain 159 samples from 62 sources
      never follows more than two samples from the same source (rarely the samples
      played at the same time). Intented to be pure fun for me and little interest
      for the
      others, the collage slowly became a musical entity on its own and probably
      biggest realisation. The whole thing start off like garage rock with a
      cheesy feel,
      the vision of the 60's everybody know. I tried to make that part as funny as
      influenced by Beck "Odeley". After, it evoke sci-fi roots that nobody knows,
      everybody have heard (humor is still up there at start). Slowly, the collage
      into weirdness landscapes, things that were suggested more than heard in the
      Then, it start the rock-opera (yep, remember the Who "Tommy") inspired by
      funniest piece i ever heard (Frank Zappa "Brown Shoes Don't Make It"). The
      skip music styles every couple of seconds, but always follow the story of
      persons having similar relationship problems (with themselfs and with the
      that fall in love then recreate the same patterns of autodestruction. This
      autodestruction is fully expressed in the following part which highly
      that the late 60's explored all arty, experimental rock. The finale is very
      not unlike DJ Shadow moody music who understand the power of the 60's really
      much! Now, that description sure sound pretentious, but believe me it's pure
      entertainment, fun piece! Enjoy!

      Ogg File (link on the page to download the player ; mp3 that take less
      space, same quality, free source)...

      Also, here's some gems i discovered with that work...

      Apple "Otherside" 1968 - The rest of the album is quiet terrible, but this
      song sound like The Cure! I don't know what the hell happen when they wrote
      this one!

      Luv'd Ones "Up Down Sue" - Girls groups meet garage!

      west coast pop art experimental band "Will you walk with me" - As good as
      the best Pink Floyd ballads.

      arzachel - queen st. gang - The whole album is interesting, a more dissonant
      Soft Machine, but this track sound like Trip-hop music! Some glorious bass
      and keyboard playing.

      Chocolate Watchband - Why this band made so many covers? Their material was
      quiet brilliant sometimes!

      Curt Boettcher - astral cowboy - Perfect, sad, reverb drenched melancolic
      pop from someome who usually make much more uptempo stuff with Sagitarius
      and Millennium.

      faine jade - Cold Winter Sun - Imagine Syd Barret with the introspective,
      laidback third VU sound. It's a shame his music is so hard to find.

      Joe byrd and the field hippies - you can't ever come down - The main guy
      under United States Of America which released one of the best 60's records
      period. This album is quiet terrible, but this song rule like almost
      everything on the United States Of America. Unique moody psychedelic with
      electronic explorations.

      lollipop shoppe - you must be a witch - Punk music, nothing else. Don't even
      sound like 60's!

      Music Emporium - Velvet Sunsets - Winds Have Changed - two perfect songs
      with quiet amazing guitar-keyboard interplay and almost religious singing.
      Remind of the moody United States Of America slow tracks.

      -------Vincent Bergeron-------
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