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1342Re: UK's Government loves Iraq crisis

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  • Jon Charles Newman
    Dec 18, 1998
      ---Steven Taylor <kung.funk@...> wrote:
      > I was actually making a reference to the US publics inane fascination
      > with the Monica Lewinksy episode, and the presumption that everyone
      > outside the US actually gives a Fuck.

      How about the presumption that the American public even gives a fuck?

      I've been surprised at how many people have thought all along that the
      "scandal" is actually a diversionary tactic. Hey, and now Clinton
      (with the help of Blair, et al) is killing people to create a
      diversion from the diversion!

      > 'My parents fucked here, that's all'

      Crude, but totally accurate for me as well.

      And now, in a lame attempt to get music in here somehow, I'll relate
      this: I remember being at a protest against the Gulf War, and when
      some cheesy pseudo-folk singer got up with an acoustic guitar to sing
      some "deeply moving anti-war song," my friend turned to me and said,
      "Why does our side always have the shitty music?"

      best to all

      Jon Charles Newman
      Silence Is Golden
      P.O. Box 570432
      Tarzana, California 91357-0432
      "records for people who hate music"

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