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1341Re: UK's Government loves Iraq crisis

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  • Steven Taylor
    Dec 17, 1998
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      > >Well, your Prime Minister Tony Blair certainly cares.
      > >No doubt his people had a little chat with the USA
      > >before stepping out to the podium. What about his
      > >"puppet on the strings" act about an hour before
      > >Clinton's speech? Both U.S. and British forces sent
      > >missiles, so it's your country's problem, too.
      > fair point, our government (labour or conservative)
      > have continually acted as americas favorite glove
      > puppet for ages.......
      > Meanwhile myself & the people around me react
      > with horror when we act this way. A similar thing
      > happened in the Falklands, politics is transparently
      > about lying and fucking people over for a living.

      We act this way? We? as Bill Hicks put it :

      'My parents fucked here, that's all'

      I was actually making a reference to the US publics inane fascination
      with the Monica Lewinksy episode, and the presumption that everyone
      outside the US actually gives a Fuck. (although granted the impeachment
      has been tied in closely with the Iraq crisis in the past few days). Its
      perfectly the whole 'CNN - world news' attitude... i.e. 95% of its lineup
      consists of stories taking place in the US, or directly involving the US. God
      knows the UK is full of equally small-minded people, but broadcasting this
      shortcoming to the world and packaging it as Journalism is another thing...
      there's a piece of footage ive seen countless times of US high school kids
      in a classroom, confronted with a Globe and being asked to point out different

      countries... Russia, China, Iraq etc... its hilarious for a while. But not
      for long.
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