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13326Re: Riley/Cale - Church of Anthrax

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  • neil.rpo.campbell@ntlworld.com
    Nov 1, 2001
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      Church of Anthrax?
      Pretty good, in a "rock-meets-minimalism" kind of way. I thought it
      was a dull pop/rock sell-out when i first heard it, but grew to love
      it. It's basically 3 good 8-10 minute jams, broken up by a couple of
      inconsequential numbers, including a so-so Cale song. It's usually
      cheap, so go to it. Great great drumming on "ides of march", btw -
      ayone know who's doing it? Sounds like it could be 2 drummers, but
      you never know...
      If you want a better inroads into Riley after "rainbow...", try the
      excellent "all night flight" on Organ of corti - it's a gorgeous 45
      min live take on side 2 of "rainbow", where all sorts of great
      sax/organ/tape delay action happens. My favourite Riley.
      I've also had really good times with:
      "descending moonshine dervishes" (solo electronic keyboard swirl from
      "in c" (i just know the classic late 60s Columbia version, but it
      really is terrific - big band with Riley, Jon Hassel + others - like
      how Steve Reich's band compositions might be if he left things a bit
      looser + warmer)
      "you're nogood" (crazy tape/moog piece mangling a motown side - like
      Reich's "it's gonna rain" but wilder/more fun, and it predates that
      one too I think)
      "harp of new albion" (solo piano jams from the 80s - uses just
      intonation like la monte's "well tuned piano" snooze, but is way
      better, plus it's only a mere double CD)
      Ones to avoid = "Salome" (string 4tet + more polite composition than
      those above, which have elements of composition, but let Riley jam
      all over them) and the one of "keyboard studies" not played by him
      (like, he's still alive, why not let him play them?). I regard him
      more as a musician than a composer anyway...
      Ah, I really love Riley - I used to cringe at a few of the borderline
      new age-isms in there, but I've learned not to care about them.
      Good luck - there's plenty of good stuff in there....

      --- In thewire@y..., Simon Fay <simonfay2001@y...> wrote:
      > Been curious about this collaboration (and Riley's own
      > work of which I know only 'Rainbow in Curved Air') for
      > some time - a good one?
      > Presumably anthrax itself has infected this group -
      > it's gone awfully quiet lately
      > SF
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