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13186Turkish- Fkying Dutchman Music

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  • Дмитрий Ухов
    Oct 1, 2001
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      I had no idea there was so much (music) in it (the country). I bet there's
      > >a good few other countries neglected by the Anglophone media-mafia worth
      > >hearing a round-up from. Turkey? Denmark? Chile?
      You may add the netherlands to the list.
      The toreless Theo Loevendie- a free jazz musician-turned-avantgarde
      composer also does "Nederlands-Tuirkse Ontmoeting in Turkse Musiek" since
      the composing-free blowing Dutchman spent a lot of time there.
      A are occasion to hear Loevendie play (actually he played at the Warsaw
      Autumn contermpoarry music festival the other day and have standing
      ovation - the only composer/performer to earn ther diticntion at the
      Dmitri from Moscow (c/o Warsaw)
      (Kalan Muzik Yapum Unkparu Istanbul tel:0-212-5123513)