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1303Re: FW: [thewire] VVM HOPE YOU GEt sick on EGGNOG and BRANDY SNAPS th is YULE

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  • Wmagrude
    Nov 30, 1998
      ===== Original Message from thewire@smtp {thewire@onelist.com} at 11/30/98
      2:31 pm
      >From: Edmund Davie <zclfs55@...>
      >MacArdle, Patrick wrote:
      >> From: "MacArdle, Patrick" <PMacArdl@...>
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      >> From: v/vm [SMTP:vvm@...]
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      >> Sent: Wednesday, November 25, 1998 2:49 PM
      >> To: thewire@onelist.com <mailto:thewire@onelist.com>
      >> Subject: [thewire] VVM HOPE YOU GEt sick on EGGNOG and BRANDY SNAPS
      >> this YULE
      >> HAVE FUN FINDING THEM because they are of course
      >> (LIKE ALL VVM PRODUCTS) LIMITED----/////////
      >> YOUrs
      >> BUTCHer CLAWS
      >> Don't panic.
      >> While the vinyl may be limited, they'll all be available early next year at
      >> all virgin megastores in a deluxe 2cd set including poncey art school
      >> covers----------|||||||||???????/////////
      >> All the best
      >> PaTrIcK
      >Besides, the music is moronic dire stupid noise idiocy, with
      >not-understood theories backing it up. Does anyone on this list LIKE
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      ===== Comments by Wmagrude@BRB (Wmagrude) at 11/30/98 2:58 pm

      who is wm???? what's this all about??