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  • Stevo
    Sep 4, 2001
      --- In thewire@y..., Jason Witherspoon <arzachel@s...> wrote:
      > Sweet Jesus, where to start. Most of you probably want to hit the
      > "delete" button about now....

      with you -who decided that a posting i made earlier was completely
      since both irmin schmidt and holger czukay are minimalist trained
      and holger czukay is well known for 2 chord basslines that last whole
      songs -you took issue with a description that is true -because you
      are an imbecile?
      so now you'll pick this apart -you start this i have no interest in
      continuing this since you are already making statements -possibly
      supposedly in defence that are getting my goat
      i think that we are agreeing but you are seeing a problem
      -stripped down -no showboating you agree to
      minimalist theory -did i say that wasn't a complex issue?
      no -you are making an issue out of it
      repetition -the science of understanding repetition is either felt or
      ages are spent working it out
      spontaneity over complexity -should be a credo
      you are a completely fine upstanding human being

      pleaswe don't start by flaming -i don't like flamers
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