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  • Joan Senomar
    Aug 1, 2001
      Hi there again,

      this is (of course) the last UNSOLICITED mail you're going to get from me.
      After all the insults and threatening I got for posting the newsletter to
      your groups, I think I truly deserve the right to explain myself:

      * I have been accsued for spamming. Maybe I am guilty of that. But do you
      really think a REAL spammer would send an "I am sorry" message 5 minutes
      after getting the first negative feedback? I am just an enthusiastic fan of
      music who is not very familiar with discussion lists procedures or what you
      call "nettiquete", a term absolutely unknown to me until this morning. Don't
      know about you, but as a human being I have the ability of learning from my
      mistakes. I thought the idea of sending the news of the birth of a music
      magazine to music forums was not something despisable, and it seems like I
      was wrong. Sorry again.

      * I have received tons of hate mail, threatening and viruses for doing what
      I did. I don't think what I did deserved such a nasty reaction from some of
      you. I would like to thank the hundreds of mails who politely asked to be
      removed from my mailing list and encouraged me to keep on working for what I
      believe and giving me advise on how to do things more properly in the
      future. Again, this is the last mail you're going to get. THis mail has
      to do with Sonic Wave, won't even post the URL. THis is a personal mail
      from me to all the people I may have disturbed.

      * Finally, I would like to state that I feel very miserable about what has
      happened. Hope you can forgive me for my lack of professionality. I truly
      beg your pardon. I was just trying to help my friends at Sonic Wave
      Magazine. What I did, I did it at my own risk and I hope you can understand
      that and stop bugging them. They don't deserve this from you.

      Thanks for your time.

      SIncerely yours,

      Joan Senomar
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