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12550SONIC WAVE Rock & Roll magazine hits the net!!!

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  • Joan Senomar
    Jul 31, 2001
      Sonic Wave - The Hi-Fi Rock Rag

      Hi there! Sonic Wave is here to stay! On this first issue you will find interviews with:
      -The Hellacopters, analysing with us their new musical orientation.

      -The Jayhawks, the best band when it comes to mixing country-rock with melody.

      -Jack Meatbeat & The U.G.S., a Finnish band featuring members of The Flaming Sideburns experimenting with the most lysergic side of the Detroit sound.

      -Mermaid, excellent 70's hard and stoner rock band from Spain.

      Our main goal is to keep you informed with what's going on with today's R&R, but without losing track of its roots, therefore we offer articles about bands we consider fundamental, even when some of them have had little repercussion. This time you can read a great article about The Nazz, Todd Rundgren's marvelous band in the 60's.

      You will also find a huge archive of record reviews and also a "cult records" section where we'll study some sadly forgotten gems.

      And this is just the beginning! We're working on our next issue, that will feature an amazing article/interview, "Discovering the Ramones with Arturo Vega", (Arturo was the Ramones' art director-roadie-whatever.), and also other interviews with Zen Guerrilla, The Quireboys, Finkers, El Caco and many other surprises.

      If you're planning some holidays in Spain, check out our concerts agenda at: http://www.sonicwavemagazine.com/es/agenda

      In the future everything will become bigger and better, that's for granted. We're dying to get your opinions and feedback.

      Record labels, distributors etc... ask for our advertising fares.

      We would appreciate it if you'd forward this message or send us mail addresses of people that you think could be interested in receiving the Sonic Wave newsletter

      Thanks for your time,

      The Sonic Wave Staff


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