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  • Steven Wainwright
    Jul 4 2:13 AM
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      I first listened to Philip Jeck on a Touch compliation, without any prior knowledge of his processes. I thought it sounded like he placed a contact-mic on the underside of a train, and mixed it with heavily processed loops/samples. Picked up a copy of Loopholes and realised he was simply using aged turntables and prepared vinyl.

      The recent doubleCD on Intermedium is my favourite recording - the pieces evolve over longer durations; very mesmeric but always interesting.

      Did anyone see his recent installation up at Burnley art gallery?

      Sorry Jess - this doesn't remotely answer your question, but...


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      >>To make up for the signal to noise, can I can get
      >>anyone's opinions of Philip Jeck...he seems to be universally admired, but
      >>I'll be damned if I can get a feeling for what the records actually *sound*

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