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  • W.J.Gibson
    Apr 3 3:39 AM
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      Independence is largely a relational thing these days (i.e. often
      pitting itself in opposition to the majors) and tends to opt for what
      it believes are values that are dependent upon being different from
      what are perceived as mainstream ones.

      I guess it depends upon the artists in question as to whether or not
      independence is necessarily a good thing. If someone aims to shift
      as many units as possible as an end in itself (Mariah Carey etc.)
      then being on a major, with all the conventional distribution
      capacity it brings, can only be good for them.

      Yes, I suppose all acts aspire to sell at least a few records, but I
      think independent labels are good for those who aspire to other goals
      alongside that - e.g. in the case of Ultra-Red, providing a critique
      of certain social practices through location recordings. Or maybe
      that's just my naive idealism coming to the fore...

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