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111Re: Noise Bands

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  • Anders Dahl
    May 29, 1997
      >From: Anna Clare McDuff <psp01acm@...>
      >On Thu, 29 May 1997, Anders Dahl wrote:
      >> >> mmm, this discussion of whether females exist reminds me of the apparent
      >> >> non-existence of all sorts of stuff.
      >> >
      >> > Mmmmmm..... I know what you mean :-) There's one difference
      >> >though... we females *do* make up slightly more than half the population
      >> >of the world.....
      >> >
      >> > Anna
      >> >
      >> Not the female alternative alternative composers/musicians though... ;-)
      > I repeat... there are many many more of 'em that you'd ever know
      >from reading the music press!
      > Anna

      I mean counting how large share of earths population is male "alternative
      alternative composers/musicians". There cannot possibly be a major share of
      female ones. I have to admit I only have one female aac/m (alternative
      alternative composers/musicians) in my record collection, Pauline
      Olivieros. Probably due to underexposure. But I'm just as curious as Paul

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