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  • chux vomitus
    Feb 2, 2001

      Sure, there can be any number of arcane computer related events that afflict our emails. Getting a '1/2 decent' email account helps to alleviate them.

      I imagine that am as interested as the average user of this list in CDs/LPs that people have to sell... Couldn't sellers just restrict themselves to a brief description of what they have sell with a link to an ebay listing? It is easy enough once one gets to ebay to track down other auctions by the same seller.

      Does anyone know if there are any pictures of Schwitter's original Merzbau?



      >hey folks, my sincere apologies. i had no intention of posting that list
      >four times. the prog at yahoo "caught" and blew it to the list in
      >>Subject: markvj@...
      > >I hope that no one actually buys anything from this loser :(
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