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107Re: Noise Bands

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  • Anders Dahl
    May 29, 1997
      >From: Anna Clare McDuff <psp01acm@...>
      >On Fri, 29 May 1998, ianw wrote:
      >> it was interesting chancing on the "what's music" fest last year in
      >> Melbourne: the different "genres" [japanese, nz, us, australia] were quite
      >> distinct.. even obvious differences betw Sydney and Melbourne participants
      >> ... much to the chagrin of the folks at home who weren't invited (on
      >> account of no-one, *no-one*, knowing we/they exist), the Brisbane chapter
      >> [see also <>] was not
      >> represented.
      >> mmm, this discussion of whether females exist reminds me of the apparent
      >> non-existence of all sorts of stuff.
      > Mmmmmm..... I know what you mean :-) There's one difference
      >though... we females *do* make up slightly more than half the population
      >of the world.....
      > Anna

      Not the female alternative alternative composers/musicians though... ;-)

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